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As a part of the WFCC Whirlpool servicers, we are here for all your Whirlpool needs. We are also servicing Frigidaire and Electrolux out of warranty. Our staff will be happy to help with any of your appliance repair needs. We understand how inconvenient it can be to have a malfunctioning appliance. At ASI, our team trains with professionals and various tools to give our customers the best consumer experience.

ASI Authorized Service Inc is a family-owned and operated business serving the Upstate of SC and Western NC areas. We specialize in many types of Appliance Repair needs, and we offer factory-certified care and warranty work for all the brands of Whirlpool appliance corp. All of our Appliance Service and Appliance Repair work is guaranteed, and we come to you! ASI Authorized Service Inc is licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. We run background checks and drug tests on all of our employees. All of our service professionals are highly factory trained.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 800-779-0252

“Why Is My Electricity Bill So High?”

If you find yourself asking this, it may be time to look at your appliances and see if they are functioning as efficiently as possible. Though some breakdowns are going to leave you without your machine, some may fly under the radar and slowly do damage to your wallet and then lead to an even more costly breakdown. So, if the appliance is still working, what is the problem? Faulty wiring or damaged wiring can cause extra energy consumption that your device may be consuming to perform its job.

Believe it or not, faulty thermostat wiring can also be an issue for your energy bills. The thermostat is essentially the brain of the operation. For example, it tells your furnace when to kick on and off, as well as your central air system. If the internal components of your thermostat are sending mixed or incomplete signals, your machine’s system may not run in the ideal way for maximum efficiency.ASI has encountered many different issues with appliances over our 40 year history. Some are easier to resolve than others. We are confident we can find a resolution to your situation

Kenneth Robbins started Authorized Service, Inc. after moving from Ohio to begin his dream in 1974.

Ken’s two youngest boys have since taken over the business along with their children. They work together as a team to learn and grow with the ever-changing world to bring you the most efficient and professional service. Our goal is to focus on your overall customer experience being excellent in every way.